About UAE Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Summit

The manufacturing sector has seen exponential growth in the past decade - in fact, despite the challenges faced across the globe because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the sector has had to adapt at an accelerated rate to keep up with significant hikes in demand.

A clear enabler for this growth has been the use of emerging technologies and Industry 4.0 to enhance production, increase efficiency, and make up for a shortage of skilled labour.

This is especially true in the UAE, where increased demand for localized manufacturing alongside ambitious governmental visions such as the Operation 300bn and the Make it in the Emirates initiative have inspired significant new investments in future-proof emerging technologies.

The UAE Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Summit is taking place on 14 - 15 June 2022 in Dubai to bring together the governmental regulators, large-scale manufacturers, international industry-leaders, and innovative technology and solution providers, to discuss the sector’s future growth.

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